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Family Fun in Calpe: Activities for Kids and Adults Alike

Nestled on the scenic Costa Blanca in Spain, Calpe is a gem of a destination for families looking for a mix of relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences. This picturesque town, dominated by the imposing Peñón de Ifach, offers a plethora of activities that cater to all ages, making it an ideal location for a family vacation. From its sun-drenched beaches to its historic sites, Calpe is a place where memories are made. Here's a guide to making the most out of your family trip to this enchanting Spanish town.

Beach Bliss

Calpe's beaches are the town's crowning jewels. With more than 13 kilometers of coastline, there's ample space for everyone to find their spot in the sun. The two main beaches, Arenal-Bol and La Fossa, are especially family-friendly with their fine sand and calm, shallow waters. Here, kids can build sandcastles while adults relax or join in the fun. The beaches also offer pedal boats and paddle boarding, perfect for families eager to add a splash of adventure to their beach day. The promenades behind the beaches are lined with cafes and ice cream shops, making it easy to grab a snack or a refreshing drink.

A Hike to Remember

For families that love the great outdoors, a hike up to the Peñón de Ifach is a must. Standing at 332 meters, this natural park offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and Calpe. The hike is moderately challenging, making it suitable for families with older children. Along the way, you'll encounter local flora and fauna, and if you're lucky, you might spot some of the birds that call this rock home. The view from the top is breathtaking and well worth the effort.

Cultural Treasures

Calpe's history spans thousands of years, and there are numerous historical sites to explore. The Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and colorful murals, offers a glimpse into the town's past. Here, you can visit the ancient church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and the Torreó de la Peça, part of the old defensive wall. Another must-visit is the Roman site 'Baños de la Reina,' where you can see ancient fish farms and baths carved out of the rock.

Gastronomic Delights

Exploring Calpe's culinary scene is an adventure for the taste buds. The town is known for its seafood, and many restaurants offer dishes made with fresh catch from the local waters. Paella, a Valencian specialty, is a favorite among families. For a unique dining experience, visit one of the restaurants in the port area where you can enjoy your meal with a view of the fishing boats. Don't forget to try some of the local ice cream flavors for dessert!

Fun and Learning

Calpe is home to several museums and educational centers that are both fun and informative for kids. The Saltmine Birds Park, located near the salt flats, is a great place to learn about local bird species. The town also has a toy museum, showcasing toys from the past century, which can be a fascinating visit for both kids and adults.

Water Sports Galore

For families looking to add some adrenaline to their vacation, Calpe offers a wide range of water sports. From kayaking and windsurfing to diving and snorkeling, there's something for everyone. The clear waters and rich marine life around the Peñón de Ifach make Calpe an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving, offering a glimpse into the underwater world of the Mediterranean.

Cycling Adventures

Calpe's diverse landscapes make it an excellent place for cycling. There are routes suitable for all levels, from leisurely rides along the beach promenade to more challenging climbs in the surrounding hills. Renting bikes is a great way to explore the area and enjoy the stunning scenery at your own pace.

Leisure and Relaxation

After days filled with activities, families can unwind in one of Calpe's many parks or take a leisurely stroll along the marina to watch the sunset. The town also offers a variety of accommodation options, from beachfront hotels with kids' clubs and pools to cozy vacation rentals, ensuring a comfortable stay for families of all sizes.

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Calpe hosts various festivals and events that offer a taste of local culture and traditions. The summer months are especially lively, with concerts, outdoor cinema nights, and traditional fiestas. Participating in these events can be a highlight of your trip, providing fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Planning Your Visit

When planning your family vacation to Calpe, consider the time of year. The summer months are popular, offering warm weather and a full slate of activities. However, the spring and fall seasons are also great times to visit, with milder temperatures and fewer crowds. Regardless of when you go, Calpe is a destination that promises a memorable experience for kids and adults alike.


In conclusion, Calpe is a versatile destination that caters to families seeking a mix of beach relaxation, outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, and culinary delights. Its stunning natural beauty, combined with a rich history and vibrant local culture, makes it an ideal place for creating lasting memories. Whether you're basking on its sunny beaches, exploring its historic sites, or enjoying its many activities, Calpe offers an enriching and enjoyable vacation experience for the entire family

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best family-friendly beaches in Calpe?

Arenal-Bol and La Fossa are highly recommended for their fine sand, shallow waters, and proximity to amenities like cafes and ice cream shops, ideal for family outings

Can families hike up the Peñón de Ifach?

Yes, families with older children can enjoy a moderately challenging hike up the Peñón de Ifach, offering stunning Mediterranean views and encounters with local wildlife

Are there any cultural or historical sites suitable for children in Calpe?

Calpe's Old Town, with its ancient church and murals, along with the Roman site 'Baños de la Reina,' are fascinating for children and provide a glimpse into the town's rich history

What water sports can families do in Calpe?

Families can enjoy a variety of water sports in Calpe, including kayaking, paddle boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, and diving, suitable for different age groups and interests

Where can families find local cuisine in Calpe?

The port area and promenades behind the main beaches feature numerous restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes like paella, with views of the fishing boats, making for a memorable dining experience

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