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Ten Best Restaurants in Calpe

Nestled on the scenic Costa Blanca, Calpe is a gem of the Mediterranean, offering not just stunning landscapes but a culinary journey that rivals its picturesque beauty. Among its narrow streets and along its sunny beaches, a diverse palette of dining experiences awaits. Here are ten of the best restaurants in Calpe that promise to take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure.

1. Enigma, Cocina Con Alma

Starting with a name that hints at the mystery and depth of its culinary offerings, Enigma, Cocina Con Alma, is more than just a dining location; it's an experience. With a philosophy that revolves around cooking with soul, every dish here is crafted to tell a story. The menu, a carefully curated blend of local ingredients and innovative techniques, presents a modern twist on traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The ambiance, intimate and inviting, makes Enigma not just a meal, but a moment to be savored.

2. Beat Restaurant Calpe

Beat Restaurant stands as a testament to culinary excellence, having earned its stripes in the gastronomic world with its innovative approach to cuisine. The chef's creations are a melody of flavors and textures, each plate a symphony. The modern, sleek interior complements the sophisticated menu that features local seafood and seasonal produce, elevating the dining experience to an art form. It's a place where each bite resonates with creativity and passion.

3. Audrey's Restaurant

Audrey's Restaurant, named with a nod to elegance and grace, lives up to its namesake with refined dishes that are both beautiful and flavorful. The menu is a celebration of Mediterranean cuisine, with each dish showcasing the freshest ingredients from the region. The wine list is equally impressive, carefully selected to complement the culinary delights. Audrey's offers an ambiance of understated luxury, making it perfect for special occasions or a romantic evening out.

4. Orobianco Ristorante

As Calpe's beacon of Italian gastronomy, Orobianco Ristorante offers a panoramic view not only through its stunning location but through its exquisite dishes that paint a picture of Italy's rich culinary landscape. The restaurant's commitment to authenticity and quality is evident in its selection of ingredients, directly imported from Italy or locally sourced to ensure the highest standards. Orobianco is where tradition meets innovation, creating a dining experience that is both genuine and groundbreaking.

5. Komfort Restaurant

True to its name, Komfort Restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy a relaxed meal in a stylish setting. The menu is a celebration of international cuisine, with a particular emphasis on Mediterranean flavors. Whether it's a casual lunch or a leisurely dinner, Komfort makes every meal feel like a special occasion, thanks to its delicious food, attentive service, and warm ambiance.

6. Puerto Blanco

Nestled by the marina, Puerto Blanco charms its guests with a picturesque setting that's as delightful as its menu. Specializing in Mediterranean and international cuisine, the restaurant prides itself on its fresh seafood dishes and a wide selection of wines. The tranquil garden setting and the view of the boats bobbing in the harbor add to the serene dining experience, making Puerto Blanco a must-visit for those seeking both culinary and visual delights.

7. Tu Capricho

Tu Capricho, translating to "Your Whim," invites diners to indulge in their desires, offering a menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. From traditional Spanish dishes to international flavors, each offering is prepared with care and attention to detail. The beachfront location provides a stunning backdrop, making every meal here a scenic retreat. It's the perfect spot for those looking to satisfy their culinary whims by the sea.

8. Restaurante Tavino

Restaurante Tavino celebrates the art of dining with a menu that highlights the best of Spanish cuisine, focusing on quality and simplicity. The intimate setting and personalized service make it an ideal choice for those seeking a more secluded dining experience. With a wine list that complements the flavors of the dishes perfectly, Tavino offers a culinary journey through Spain's diverse gastronomic regions.

9. Indian Curry Calpe

Bringing the vibrant flavors of India to the heart of Calpe, Indian Curry Calpe is a haven for those craving authentic Indian cuisine. The restaurant's chefs use traditional spices and cooking methods to create a menu that's rich in flavor and diversity. The warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with the aromatic dishes, makes for a dining experience that transports guests straight to the streets of Delhi or Mumbai.

10. Mango Curry Calpe

Mango Curry Calpe, a sister venue to Indian Curry, further explores the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine with a focus on both classic and contemporary dishes. The use of mango, both as an ingredient and inspiration, adds a unique twist to the menu, offering diners a sweet and tangy flavor profile that's both refreshing and indulgent. With its friendly service and vibrant setting, Mango Curry provides a colorful and delicious end to our culinary tour of Calpe.


Each of these ten restaurants in Calpe offers a unique dining experience that reflects the town's diverse culinary landscape. Whether you're in the mood for traditional Mediterranean dishes, innovative cuisine, or flavors from around the world, Calpe's best restaurants promise to deliver unforgettable meals that highlight the richness of their ingredients and the passion of their chefs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of cuisine can I find in Calpe's top restaurants?

Calpe's best restaurants offer a diverse range of cuisines, including traditional Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, international, and authentic Indian flavors, catering to various tastes and preferences

Are there any Michelin-starred restaurants in Calpe?

While this article doesn't specify Michelin-starred restaurants, establishments like Beat Restaurant and Orobianco Ristorante are renowned for their culinary excellence and could be potential candidates for such accolades

Do the top restaurants in Calpe cater to dietary restrictions?

Yes, many of Calpe's top restaurants offer options for guests with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes, ensuring a welcoming dining experience for all

Is advance booking required for dining in these top Calpe restaurants?

Due to the popularity and limited seating in some of these fine dining establishments, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance to secure a spot

Can I find family-friendly dining options among Calpe's top restaurants?

Yes, many of Calpe's top restaurants, such as Komfort Restaurant and Tu Capricho, offer a welcoming atmosphere for families, with menus that cater to both adults and children

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