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The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Calpe: Working Remotely by the Sea

In the heart of Spain's Costa Blanca lies Calpe, a picturesque town that marries the charm of its historical roots with the allure of its Mediterranean beaches. This blend of ancient allure and modern convenience makes Calpe an idyllic destination for digital nomads seeking to mesh productivity with a dose of seaside tranquility. This guide is tailored for those who wish to make Calpe their next remote work base, offering insights into coworking spaces, accommodation, connectivity, leisure activities, and practical tips for a seamless stay.

Discovering Calpe: A Brief Overview

Calpe is not just another dot along the Mediterranean coast; it's a town steeped in history, dominated by the Peñón de Ifach, a massive limestone outcrop that has been a landmark for millennia. The town itself is a vibrant mix of old and new, where narrow cobblestone streets in the Moorish quarter contrast with the modern marina and beachfront promenades. Its climate is another draw, with over 300 sunny days a year, mild winters, and warm summers tempered by sea breezes, making it an ideal year-round destination for remote work.

Setting Up: Accommodation and Coworking Spaces


Digital nomads in Calpe can choose from a variety of accommodation options to suit any preference or budget. Short-term apartment rentals are popular, offering the privacy and facilities for a comfortable work-from-home setup. Many apartments come with high-speed internet, essential for remote work. For those preferring community living, shared villas and hostels cater specifically to the digital nomad crowd, providing both social opportunities and spaces for focused work.

Coworking Spaces

While the appeal of working from a beach café is undeniable, sometimes you need the facilities and network that only a coworking space can provide. Calpe has several to choose from, each offering high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and communal areas. Some popular options include:

  • Sunny Coworking: Located near the beach, this space offers a bright and airy environment perfect for creativity and concentration. It also hosts regular networking events, making it a great place to meet fellow nomads and professionals.
  • The Hub Calpe: This space is known for its robust community and diverse workshops, from language exchange to coding classes. It’s situated in the heart of Calpe, providing easy access to local amenities.

Connectivity and Transportation

Reliable internet is the lifeblood of remote work, and Calpe doesn't disappoint. Most accommodations and public spaces offer high-speed Wi-Fi. For those venturing out or requiring backup, purchasing a local SIM card for 4G data is a convenient and affordable option.

Getting around Calpe is straightforward. The town is compact enough to navigate on foot or by bicycle. For longer trips, public buses serve the town and its surroundings, and car rentals offer flexibility for exploring the Costa Blanca region.

Balancing Work and Play: Leisure Activities

One of Calpe's biggest draws is the ability to blend a productive work life with enriching leisure activities. Here are some must-do experiences:

  • Climbing or Hiking the Peñón de Ifach: For breathtaking views over Calpe and the Mediterranean, the hike up this iconic rock is a must. It’s a challenging but rewarding excursion, best tackled early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat.
  • Exploring the Old Town: Take a stroll through the Moorish quarter, where you can admire the ancient architecture, visit the Iglesia Antigua, and browse local craft shops.
  • Beach Days: Calpe's beaches are perfect for relaxation after a day's work. Playa de la Fossa is particularly popular for its clear waters and proximity to cafés and restaurants.
  • Culinary Delights: The Valencian region is famous for its cuisine, particularly paella. Enjoying a seaside meal in one of Calpe’s many restaurants is a delightful way to taste local flavors.

Practical Tips for a Smooth Stay

  • Language: While many locals speak English, learning some Spanish can enhance your experience and help with daily interactions.
  • Climate and Clothing: Summers are hot and winters mild, but evenings can be cool. Packing a range of clothing options is advisable.
  • Healthcare: Spain has excellent healthcare facilities. EU citizens can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), while others should ensure they have comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Networking: Join local Facebook groups or events to connect with other digital nomads and expats. These can be invaluable resources for advice and socializing.


Calpe offers a unique proposition for digital nomads: the ability to merge a productive work life with the joys of Mediterranean living. Its blend of historical charm, modern amenities, and natural beauty creates an environment where work and leisure not only coexist but complement each other. Whether you're drawn to its cultural heritage, the stunning landscapes, or the vibrant digital nomad community, Calpe is a destination that promises a memorable remote working experience by the sea. As the boundaries between work and life continue to blur, Calpe stands out as a place where one can find balance, inspiration, and a sense of belonging in the digital nomad lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Calpe an ideal destination for digital nomads?

Calpe offers a unique blend of high-speed internet, coworking spaces, beautiful scenery, and a warm climate, making it perfect for remote work and leisure

Are there any coworking spaces in Calpe for digital nomads?

Yes, Calpe has several coworking spaces like Sunny Coworking and The Hub Calpe, offering high-speed internet, communal areas, and networking opportunities

How can I find accommodation in Calpe suitable for remote work?

Digital nomads can choose from short-term apartment rentals, shared villas, and hostels in Calpe, many of which offer high-speed internet and work-friendly environments

What leisure activities can digital nomads enjoy in Calpe?

Nomads can explore the Peñón de Ifach, enjoy the local beaches, taste the local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the town's history and culture

Are there networking opportunities for digital nomads in Calpe?

Yes, joining local Facebook groups, events, and attending coworking space gatherings are great ways to meet other nomads and professionals in Calpe

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