Weather in Calpe in April

Calpe, a picturesque coastal town in the Alicante region of Spain, emerges from the mild winter into the refreshing embrace of spring in April. This transformation makes April one of the most delightful times to visit Calpe, as the weather strikes a perfect balance between the cooler winter months and the upcoming summer heat. The town, renowned for its stunning beaches, historic sites, and the imposing Peñón de Ifach rock, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, further enhanced by the pleasant April weather.

Temperature and Climate Conditions

April in Calpe is characterized by rising temperatures, with daily averages that make outdoor activities and beach visits incredibly enjoyable. The month sees a significant leap towards warmer weather, with average daytime temperatures hovering around 18°C to 20°C (64°F to 68°F). Nighttime brings cooler temperatures, dropping to an average of 11°C to 13°C (52°F to 55°F), which means that while days are warm and inviting, evenings might require a light jacket or sweater.

The climate in April is generally mild and comfortable, with the Mediterranean Sea moderating the temperature, ensuring that it's neither too hot nor too cold. This moderate weather is perfect for exploring the natural landscapes and historical sites Calpe has to offer, without the discomfort of the summer heat or the chill of winter.

Precipitation and Humidity

April also marks a decrease in rainfall compared to the winter months, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities. The average rainfall in Calpe during April is around 40mm, spread over approximately 8 days throughout the month. This relatively low amount of precipitation means that there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy the beaches and outdoor attractions. However, it's always wise to check the weather forecast and carry a light raincoat or umbrella, just in case.

Humidity levels in April are comfortable, contributing to the pleasant weather conditions. The sea breeze helps to keep the air fresh and invigorating, perfect for long walks along the beach or hikes up the Peñón de Ifach.

Sea Temperature

For those looking forward to enjoying the waters of the Mediterranean, April offers the first promising opportunity of the year. The sea temperature begins to warm up, averaging around 16°C to 18°C (61°F to 64°F). While it might be slightly brisk for some, it's certainly refreshing and revitalizing, especially on a warm April day. Water activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and even a brave dip are popular among visitors and locals alike.

Clothing Recommendations

Given the mild yet varied weather in Calpe during April, packing requires a bit of thought. It is advisable to bring a mix of clothing options, including T-shirts, shorts, and comfortable shoes for daytime activities. For the evenings, a light jacket or sweater will be necessary, as the temperature can feel cooler, especially by the sea. Don’t forget swimwear, a hat, and sunscreen for those sunny beach days. An umbrella or raincoat might also come in handy, given the occasional showers.

Activities and Events

The wonderful April weather in Calpe offers a plethora of activities. The hiking trails around the Peñón de Ifach provide stunning views and a chance to experience the local flora and fauna. The historic old town, with its narrow streets and traditional architecture, is a delight to explore in the comfortable April climate.

Moreover, April is a time of celebration in many parts of Spain, including Calpe. While specific events can vary from year to year, springtime often brings local festivals and cultural events that visitors can enjoy. These events are a fantastic opportunity to experience the local culture, cuisine, and traditions.


Calpe in April is a destination filled with promise. The weather is arguably at its best, offering warmth, sunshine, and a gentle sea breeze, all of which make it a perfect time to explore everything the town has to offer. From its beaches and natural landscapes to its cultural sites and festive events, Calpe provides a rich and diverse experience for all who visit. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore historical sites, or indulge in local festivities, April in Calpe offers the ideal conditions for an unforgettable getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the average temperatures in Calpe in April?

In April, Calpe experiences average daytime temperatures of 18°C to 20°C (64°F to 68°F) and nighttime temperatures of 11°C to 13°C (52°F to 55°F)

Is April a good time to visit Calpe for beach activities?

Yes, April is an excellent time to visit Calpe for beach activities, with the sea warming up to 16°C to 18°C (61°F to 64°F), and plenty of sunny days

How much does it rain in Calpe in April?

April sees a decrease in rainfall with an average of 40mm spread over about 8 days, making it a relatively dry month suitable for outdoor activities

What clothing should I pack for a trip to Calpe in April?

It's recommended to bring a mix of light clothing for the day, a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings, swimwear, a hat, and sunscreen

Are there any local festivals or events in Calpe during April?

April often features local festivals and cultural events in Calpe, offering visitors a chance to experience the town's traditions and cuisine

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