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Calpe Bike Rental: Your Gateway to an Unforgettable Cycling Experience

Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Costa Blanca, Calpe emerges not just as a beacon for sun-seekers but as a haven for cycling enthusiasts from around the globe. The allure of Calpe is not merely in its sun-kissed beaches or the emblematic Penyal d'Ifac rock that majestically rises from the Mediterranean Sea; it's also in the diverse and challenging terrains that surround this coastal town, making it a prime destination for cyclists seeking adventure, training, or leisure. This is where Calpe bike rental services come into play, offering a gateway to an unforgettable cycling experience.

Bicycle rental services in Calp

1. Start With Bike

Start With Bike is known for its personalized service and high-quality bike fleet. Catering to both road cyclists and mountain biking enthusiasts, Start With Bike emphasizes the importance of a perfect fit and offers a custom fitting service for every rental. Their fleet includes the latest models, ensuring that cyclists have access to the best equipment. The company also provides comprehensive support, including route planning assistance and emergency support, making it an excellent option for those new to the area or looking to challenge themselves on Calpe's roads and trails.

2. Vuelta Turistica

Vuelta Turistica offers more than just bike rentals; it's a full cycling experience. Founded by former professional cyclists, this service prides itself on offering guided tours that showcase the best of the region, from hidden gems to famous climbs like the Coll de Rates. Their rental fleet is extensive, featuring road bikes, mountain bikes, and even electric bikes, all from top brands. Vuelta Turistica also organizes cycling camps and clinics, perfect for those looking to improve their skills while enjoying the beauty of Calpe.

3. SolyBike Bicycle Rental

SolyBike Bicycle Rental focuses on making cycling accessible to everyone, from families looking for a leisurely ride to serious cyclists on training retreats. Their range of bicycles includes options for all ages and skill levels, with a special emphasis on comfort and reliability. SolyBike stands out for its excellent customer service, offering free delivery and pickup service within the Calpe area, route advice, and mechanical support. Their commitment to ensuring a worry-free cycling experience makes them a favorite among visitors.

Choosing Your Calpe Bike Rental

Selecting the right bike rental in Calpe is crucial for an enjoyable and hassle-free cycling experience. The town hosts a variety of bike rental shops, each offering a range of bicycles from high-performance road bikes to robust mountain bikes and comfortable city bikes. Here's what to consider when choosing your Calpe bike rental:

1. Type of Bicycle

Identify the type of cycling you plan to do. For climbing the mountainous terrains, a lightweight road bike with a wide range of gears is advisable. If off-road trails are more your style, then a mountain bike with good suspension will be necessary. Many shops also offer electric bikes (e-bikes), perfect for those who want to enjoy cycling without overexerting themselves.

2. Quality and Maintenance

Look for a rental service that offers well-maintained, high-quality bikes. The condition of your bike can significantly impact your riding experience. Reputable rental services in Calpe ensure that their bicycles are regularly serviced and in top condition.

3. Custom Fitting

A bike that doesn't fit you well can lead to discomfort or even injury. Opt for bike rental services that offer custom fitting. This may include adjusting the seat height, handlebar reach, and even changing pedals to match your cycling shoes.

4. Rental Packages and Services

Some bike rental shops in Calpe offer more than just bike rentals. Look for packages that include delivery and pickup of the bikes, guided tours, and assistance in planning your cycling routes. Additionally, services such as roadside assistance and replacement bikes in case of mechanical failure can be invaluable, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

Before deciding on a bike rental, check online reviews and forums. Feedback from previous customers can provide insights into the quality of bikes and the level of service provided. Recommendations from local cycling clubs or other cyclists you meet in Calpe can also lead you to the best rental services.

Popular Cycling Routes in Calpe

Armed with your rental bike, Calpe's roads and trails beckon. Here are a few popular routes that showcase the beauty and challenge of cycling in this region:

  • The Calpe to Coll de Rates Climb: A classic route that takes you through picturesque villages like Parcent, offering stunning views and a challenging ascent.
  • Sierra de Olta Circuit: Ideal for mountain bikers, this route circles the Sierra de Olta, providing breathtaking views and thrilling descents.
  • The Coastal Ride to Altea: A more leisurely option, this route follows the coast to the charming town of Altea, with cafes and beaches along the way for rest stops.

Maximizing Your Calpe Cycling Experience

To make the most out of your cycling trip to Calpe, consider these tips:

  • Plan Your Routes: Use local cycling maps and apps to plan your routes according to your fitness level and interest. Factor in elevation gain, distance, and terrain.
  • Stay Hydrated and Fueled: The Spanish sun can be intense, even in cooler months. Carry enough water and snacks, and know the locations of cafes or stores along your route.
  • Respect Traffic Rules: While many routes offer dedicated cycling lanes, sharing the road with vehicles is common. Always follow traffic rules and use hand signals when turning.
  • Explore in Groups: Joining a cycling group or tour can enhance your experience. It's a great way to meet fellow cyclists and discover routes you might not find on your own.


Calpe bike rental services unlock the door to exploring one of Spain's most scenic and cyclist-friendly regions. Whether you're pushing your limits on steep climbs, cruising along the coast, or exploring rugged trails, Calpe has something for every cyclist. With the right preparation and a spirit of adventure, cycling in Calpe can be an experience you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of bikes can I rent in Calpe?

In Calpe, you can rent a wide range of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and city bikes suitable for different terrains and cycling experiences

Are there any bike rentals in Calpe that offer custom fitting?

Yes, many bike rental services in Calpe offer custom fitting to ensure your bike is comfortable and suits your riding style and requirements

What makes Start With Bike unique among Calpe's bike rental services?

Start With Bike is known for its personalized service, custom bike fitting, and a wide selection of high-quality bikes for different cycling disciplines

Does Vuelta Turistica offer anything besides bike rentals?

Yes, Vuelta Turistica provides guided tours, cycling camps, and clinics led by former professional cyclists, offering a comprehensive cycling experience

What type of bikes does SolyBike Bicycle Rental offer?

SolyBike offers a variety of bikes including road, mountain, and electric bikes, catering to cyclists of all ages and skill levels, with a focus on comfort and reliability

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