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Sunday Open Supermarkets in Calpe

In the charming coastal town of Calpe, located in the heart of Spain's Costa Blanca, residents and tourists alike find a plethora of shopping options, even on Sundays. This is a notable convenience in a country where many businesses traditionally close on the last day of the week. In Calpe, several supermarkets defy this norm, offering a range of products from local delicacies to international favorites. This article explores five such establishments: Aldi Calp, Supermercado Spar, Supermercados Dia, myMercat, and MyMercat Centro Supermarket, providing insights into what makes each unique.

1. Aldi Calp

Aldi, a well-known name in the realm of discount supermarkets, has established a strong presence in Calpe. Aldi Calp stands out for its emphasis on affordability without compromising quality. Open on Sundays, it caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from locals stocking up for the week to tourists in search of quick meal solutions. The store offers a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, baked goods, and a selection of wines and spirits. Its layout is designed for easy navigation, ensuring a quick and hassle-free shopping experience. Moreover, Aldi frequently introduces special offers and seasonal items, making each visit a new opportunity to discover something exciting at a bargain.

2. Supermercado Spar

Spar, a global retail chain, has a significant presence in Calpe with its Supermercado Spar. This supermarket is cherished for its local feel, blending the convenience of a global chain with the charm of a neighborhood store. Open on Sundays, Spar provides a broad selection of fresh, high-quality products, focusing on local fruits, vegetables, and meats. The store also features a delightful bakery section, offering freshly baked breads and pastries. Spar's commitment to community involvement and customer service sets it apart, making it a favored choice for those seeking a more personal shopping experience.

3. Supermercados Dia

Supermercados Dia is another popular option for Sunday shopping in Calpe. Known for its competitive prices and a wide range of products, Dia caters to budget-conscious consumers without sacrificing quality. The store's layout is straightforward, allowing for easy access to essentials, including dairy products, pantry staples, and household items. Dia also offers a selection of organic and gluten-free products, catering to the growing demand for health-conscious options. Its frequent promotions and discounts make it an attractive destination for savvy shoppers looking to stretch their euros further.

4. myMercat

myMercat brings a unique concept to the supermarket scene in Calpe. It combines the traditional supermarket model with a focus on local products and sustainability. Open on Sundays, myMercat is not just a place to shop; it's an experience. Shoppers can find a vast selection of locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats, along with artisanal cheeses and wines. The store also places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices, offering bulk bins for grains and legumes, and encouraging customers to bring their reusable bags and containers. myMercat's warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with its commitment to quality and the environment, makes it a standout choice for those who value sustainability and community support

5. MyMercat Centro Supermarket

Located in the heart of Calpe, MyMercat Centro Supermarket offers a convenient and accessible shopping option for both locals and tourists. This supermarket stands out for its comprehensive selection of international products, catering to the diverse tastes of Calpe's multicultural community. In addition to the typical supermarket fare, shoppers can find specialty items from around the world, making it easy to explore global cuisines. MyMercat Centro is also known for its attentive customer service and clean, well-organized shopping environment. Open on Sundays, it provides a relaxed shopping atmosphere, allowing customers to take their time exploring the wide range of products on offer.


Calpe's supermarkets offer a diverse array of shopping experiences, ensuring that both residents and visitors can find everything they need, even on Sundays. From the budget-friendly options at Aldi Calp and Supermercados Dia to the local charm of Supermercado Spar, the sustainability focus of myMercat, and the international variety at MyMercat Centro Supermarket, there's something for everyone. These establishments not only cater to the practical needs of the community but also contribute to Calpe's vibrant culture and lifestyle, making the town an even more appealing destination on Spain's Costa Blanca.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are supermarkets in Calpe open on Sundays?

Yes, several supermarkets in Calpe, including Aldi Calp, Supermercado Spar, Supermercados Dia, myMercat, and MyMercat Centro Supermarket, are open on Sundays, offering a wide range of products to both locals and tourists

What kind of products can I find in Calpe's supermarkets on Sundays?

You can find a variety of products such as fresh produce, baked goods, meats, dairy, international foods, and specialty items like artisanal cheeses and wines, along with organic and gluten-free options

Which supermarket in Calpe is best for budget shopping?

Aldi Calp and Supermercados Dia are known for their competitive prices and frequent promotions, making them great options for budget-conscious shoppers

Is there a supermarket in Calpe that focuses on local and sustainable products?

Yes, myMercat focuses on local products and sustainability, offering locally sourced fruits, vegetables, meats, and a selection of eco-friendly options

Can I find international products in Calpe supermarkets?

MyMercat Centro Supermarket offers a comprehensive selection of international products, catering to Calpe's multicultural community and those looking to explore global cuisines

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