Calpe Bus Station: A Gateway to the Costa Blanca

Calpe, a picturesque town on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is known for its stunning beaches, the iconic Peñón de Ifach rock, and a rich historical heritage. Central to the connectivity of this bustling tourist destination is the Calpe Bus Station, which serves as a crucial hub for locals and tourists alike. This article delves into the details of the bus station, including its facilities, services, and its role in the regional transportation network.

Location and Accessibility

Calpe Bus Station is strategically located in the heart of the town, making it accessible from various parts of Calpe and surrounding areas. Positioned on Avenida Diputación, the station is just a short walk from the main beach area, hotels, and the historic town center. Its central location makes it a convenient point for travelers looking to explore the town or venture further afield.

Facilities at the Station

The bus station itself, while modest in size, is well-equipped to handle the influx of passengers that pass through each day. It features a covered waiting area, seating facilities, and electronic boards displaying real-time bus schedules. The station is designed to be user-friendly, with clear signage in multiple languages reflecting Calpe’s international visitor base.

Ticketing services at Calpe Bus Station are streamlined to assist quick and easy purchase of tickets. Besides manual ticket counters, there are several automated ticketing machines that accept both cash and card payments. These machines are programmed in several languages, ensuring that non-Spanish speakers can navigate their options without difficulty.

Restrooms and a small café within the station compound provide comfort and convenience to passengers waiting for their buses. The café offers a selection of snacks, drinks, and light meals – a welcome amenity for those who have traveled long distances.

Services Offered

Calpe Bus Station is a pivotal node in the network of ALSA, the main bus operator in the region. It offers numerous daily services connecting Calpe to major cities and towns across Spain, including Alicante, Valencia, and Madrid. The frequency of services increases during the summer months, aligning with the peak tourist season, ensuring that travelers can move easily between destinations.

For local travel, the bus station serves as the starting point for various routes that cover the entire municipality of Calpe. These local buses are crucial for residents and tourists who rely on public transport to access beaches, residential areas, and local attractions like the Salinas salt flats and the Roman ruins.

Moreover, the station provides several regional services that connect Calpe to other tourist hotspots along the Costa Blanca, such as Benidorm, Altea, and Denia. These services are particularly valued by tourists, enabling them to explore the region affordably and conveniently.

Role in Regional Transport

The significance of Calpe Bus Station extends beyond merely serving as a transit point. It plays a key role in the regional transport network, facilitating economic growth and tourism in Calpe and the surrounding areas. By providing efficient connections to airports like Alicante-Elche and Valencia Airport, the station helps in bolstering the local economy by making the region more accessible to international tourists.

Future Developments

Recognizing the increasing demand on the station, local authorities have discussed plans for expansion and modernization of Calpe Bus Station. Proposed upgrades include the expansion of the waiting area, installation of more electronic ticketing machines, and improvements to the overall infrastructure to handle more buses and passengers.

Environmental considerations are also part of the station’s future plans. Initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the bus station are being considered, including the introduction of electric buses into the fleet and the installation of solar panels to power station operations.


Calpe Bus Station is more than just a transit terminal; it is a lifeline that connects the small town of Calpe to the broader region of the Costa Blanca and beyond. Its strategic importance to the local tourism industry cannot be overstated, providing vital transportation links that cater to both residents and visitors. With planned upgrades and a focus on sustainability, Calpe Bus Station is set to continue as a central hub of activity, facilitating travel and supporting economic growth in this beautiful part of Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Calpe Bus Station located?

Calpe Bus Station is situated in the heart of Calpe on Avenida Diputación, conveniently close to main attractions and the beach area

What facilities are available at Calpe Bus Station?

The station offers a waiting area, seating, real-time schedule displays, ticket counters, automated ticketing machines, restrooms, and a café

Which bus services can I access from Calpe Bus Station?

You can access local, regional, and long-distance bus services, including routes to Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, and other Costa Blanca destinations

Are there any planned upgrades for Calpe Bus Station?

Future plans include expanding the waiting area, adding more ticketing machines, and implementing sustainable practices like electric buses and solar panels

How does Calpe Bus Station support local tourism?

By providing efficient transport links to major cities and airports, the station facilitates easy access for international tourists and supports local economic growth

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