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Markets in Calpe: A Guide to Shopping and Local Culture

Nestled on the picturesque Costa Blanca, Calpe is a gem of the Alicante province in Spain, renowned not only for its stunning beaches and historic landmarks but also for its vibrant market culture. Markets in Calpe are more than just places to shop; they are vibrant hubs of activity where locals and tourists alike come to savor fresh produce, discover artisan crafts, and soak in the local culture. This guide explores the various markets in Calpe, offering insights into what makes each unique and providing tips on how to make the most of your market day.

Weekly Street Market

Every Saturday, Calpe comes alive with the bustling Weekly Street Market held on Avenida del Norte. This market is a treasure trove for those looking to dive into local life. Vendors line the streets as early as 8 AM, selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothing, shoes, and household items. It's the perfect place to find fresh local produce, with stalls overflowing with seasonal fruits like cherries, oranges, and lemons, all locally sourced from the surrounding regions.

Tip: Get there early to beat the crowds and ensure you get the best selection of fresh goods. Also, don't hesitate to haggle, especially if you're buying in bulk, as it's part of the local shopping culture.

The Fish Market

For seafood lovers, the Calpe Fish Market is a must-visit. Located near the harbor, this market operates every weekday afternoon and offers a chance to witness the age-old tradition of fish auctions. Local fishermen bring in their daily catch, and by 5 PM, the auction begins, providing an authentic glimpse into the livelihood of the coastal community.

Here, you can find a wide variety of seafood, from common staples like hake and dorada to exotic delicacies such as red prawns and sea urchins. The prices are usually lower than in supermarkets, and the quality is top-notch, reflecting the catch of the day.

Tip: Visit in the late afternoon to experience the auction. It's both an educational and entertaining spectacle, showcasing the vibrancy of local commerce.

The Artisan Market

During the summer months, Calpe's old town transforms every Wednesday evening into an enchanting Artisan Market. This market is particularly known for its bohemian vibe and offers a range of handcrafted goods, from handmade jewelry and leather products to custom artwork and pottery. It's an excellent place for finding unique souvenirs and gifts that carry the essence of Spanish craftsmanship.

Strolling through the market, visitors can enjoy live music and occasional street performances, adding to the festive atmosphere. The Artisan Market is not just about shopping; it's a cultural event that brings together the creativity and spirit of the local community.

Tip: Many artisans are happy to talk about their craft, so take the opportunity to chat with them and learn about the traditional methods and inspirations behind their work.

The Rastro Market

On Sundays, the Rastro Market takes center stage in Calpe. Similar to a flea market, the Rastro is ideal for those who love antiques, vintage items, and quirky finds. It’s a place where second-hand goods, collectibles, and even furniture can be found at bargain prices.

The Rastro Market is also a fantastic spot to mingle with locals and expatriates, offering a slice of life in Calpe through the eclectic items on sale. Whether you're on the hunt for a vintage Spanish guitar, old books, or rustic home décor, the Rastro Market promises a fascinating adventure.

Tip: Be prepared to dig through piles and negotiate prices. The thrill of the hunt makes finding that perfect item all the more rewarding.


Markets in Calpe offer a colorful and diverse shopping experience that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of this Spanish town. Whether you're looking for fresh food, unique crafts, or a taste of local life, Calpe’s markets provide an abundance of choices that cater to every interest and need. By visiting these markets, you not only get to shop but also participate in traditions that have shaped and sustained the local community for generations. So, on your next trip to Calpe, make sure to explore these markets; they are a cornerstone of local culture and a highlight of any visit to the region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What days are markets held in Calpe?

Markets in Calpe are held on various days. The Weekly Street Market takes place every Saturday, the Fish Market is open on weekdays, the Artisan Market is every Wednesday evening during summer, and the Rastro Market occurs every Sunday

Where can I find fresh produce in Calpe?

Fresh produce can be found at the Weekly Street Market on Avenida del Norte every Saturday, where local vendors sell a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh goods

Can I buy seafood directly from the fishermen in Calpe?

Yes, you can buy seafood directly from local fishermen at the Calpe Fish Market, located near the harbor, where daily catches are auctioned on weekday afternoons

What unique items can I find at Calpe's markets?

You can find unique items like handmade jewelry, artisan crafts, vintage collectibles, and antique goods across various markets such as the Artisan Market and the Rastro Market

Are there any tips for shopping at the markets in Calpe?

Yes, arriving early at the markets ensures the best selection of goods, haggling is common at the Weekly Street Market, and it's advisable to experience the fish auction for fresh seafood deals

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